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All of our UKA coaches are qualified to UK Athletics standards, have passed an advanced CRB test and are subject to strict rules of child protection. The others who help out are parents or relations of athletes. We put the physical and emotional well being of our athletes first.


Kelly Worgan – UKA Coach – U11s, multi-event

Glen HarveyUKA Coach – U7s, multi-event

Lee Ablett – UKA Coach – U13s, multi-event

Jo Ablett – UKA Coach – U9s, multi-event

  • Andrew ComptonUKA Coach – U15s Throws/multi-event & Coaching & DevelopmentCo-ordinator

Andrew has been a leader since 2011 and became a level 1 assistant coach in 2013, has just become a level 2 coach in 2015 and just completed throwing and weight training courses.  He is our coach coordinator and works with the junior head coach (Nick Wellsted) and the Head coach (Dave Lucas) to plan all the sessions delivered and implements safety precautions.  Andrew Coaches all events on a Saturday and Tuesday and on Thursdays he coaches throwing sessions for all ages.Andrew has coached a number of athletes at county level and has many athletes in the top 30 of the UK

  • Dave Lucas UKA Head Coach – U17 & U20s, all events 

Dave is our most experienced and professional coach. He has coached athletes to National standard and is well known around the county through his work in schools athletics across Gloucestershire and also through his role in County athletics.  Dave generally works with our older junior athletes at U17 level, ensuring a smooth transition into senior competition

  • Peter Compton UKA Coach – U13s, all events

Peter is a UKA Club coach with licence to coach Sprint & Hurdles, Endurance, Jumps & Throws also holds Triple Jump, Discus, Hammer, Pole Vault & Wheel chair Event coaching qualifications. He runs the U11 Coaching on a Tuesday & help Darren with the U11 on a Saturday, he hold safe guarding children & first aid certificates.  Peter is also the event director for the Junior parkrun in Coleford & Qualified Timekeeper Track & Field official & UKA Event Adjudicator & Chair of the Trustees

  • Nick Wellsted UKA Coach – U11s, multi-event

Nick has been a coach with the club for some 5 years, following his eldest son becoming a member in the Summer of 2010.  Both his oldest son and younger son remain active members of the club.  Peter Compton, being the persuasive coach that he is, persuaded Nick shall we say, to undertake the Coaching Assistant qualification in 2011.  Nick has also attended the Level 2 Coaching course and is on the way to completing this qualification.  His background is actually in Football and he only came to athletics when he moved to the area in April 2010.  Nick is also a very keen triathlete and competes in sprint and Olympic distance events when he is not coaching with us.  In 2015, Nick completed his first Half-Ironman triathlon when he competed in the inaugural Staffordshire 70.3 with fellow coach Glenn Harvey


Chid Protection Officer

  • Kathryn Dennant

Contact the child welfare officer in complete confidence for ANY questions or concerns you have about the physical and psychological welfare of any of our athletes. 

As a Teacher, Kate has gained extensive experience working with people of all ages and abilities within both the primary education sector, in both inner city and rural schools. A key part of the work that she does within schools, is regarding the safeguarding and welfare of children, as well as working with other teachers and professionals to ensure that the whole school community is a place where everyone feels valued, respected and listened to, and where issues or concerns are listened to sensitively and action is taken accordingly.

Having had the opportunity to spend time at training sessions, and observe the wide range of activities that athletes participate in, and the way in which people interact with one another, Kate works closely with all those connected with FODAC, to ensure that the needs of both Athletes and Coaches are met and that a culture of trust, respect and patience is fostered.

If at any time you wish to discuss any matter or concern, then please feel free to talk to Kate or if you prefer, contact her in confidence on:

07957 249047